Saturday, March 28, 2015 12:00PM
By Jason Denson
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Cheers everyone! This is Keeler and Denson again and this week we're talking about the top 5 things to DO the week of your wedding here at the OBX.  

No matter whether you are in Corolla or Buxton, Nags Head or Kitty Hawk, these should apply across the board. 

Number 5) Enjoy The Beach:
(Disclaimer: read our number one on Top 5 Things To Avoid The Week Before Your Wedding)
Congratulations, you’ve arrived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina! You probably sat in a car for many many hours, listening to music, rolling the windows down, giving each other long and meaningfully loving looks right?Maybe not. You probably couldn’t find a radio station that you liked and when you did, it faded out in about a minute. You more than likely had the AC cranked because it was 105 degrees outside. You couldn’t put the windows down because your allergies and your hair would go absolutely bananas. And to top it all off, you were the one sitting in the sun so you got the “AC cold sweats”…  Either way, you are here now! Take a moment and look around. Smell that salt air? That's right. Drop your bags at the front door, grab your bathing suits, sunblock, and maybe a towel. Now RUN to those waves! You’ve earned it!

Number 4) Delegate Anything That’s Left To Do:
The Outer Banks plays host to a fantastic number of DIY weddings each year. So we sympathize with brides and grooms that find they have simply run out of time trying to finish all the decorations and party favors for their wedding. It’s alright! As soon as you get here, you wil probably have most of your family, friends, and (best of all) bridal party just sitting around wondering what to do next. Put them to good use! Remember the old adage, “many hands makes light work”. It’s the truth. Have those guys start to help put that Hoopa together a day or so early. They’ll thank you for it when they’re having to youtube how to tie a necktie. Caution though, whatever you do, try not to slip into bridezilla mode! Ask nice, and give lots of hugs for jobs well done and everyone will want to pitch in to make it a beautiful wedding for you.

Number 3) Find Time To Be Alone Togeather:
There’s a very good possibility that you are spending the week with an entire house full of people. Now unless you are part of a religious off shoot, this is probably not a common situation you two have ever found yourselves in. It’s VERY important that you two find time to get away and spend some alone time together. I promise it will keep both of you far from the brink of insanity!  Plus remember, if you’re happy, those around you are going to be much happier as well. If you have kids, congratulations! You have a whole house full of willing babysitters. Take long walks on the beach, go get some dinner alone, let others know that you’re going to sleep in late. Take full advantage of the situation! It’s your week.

Number 2) Get Pampered:
This goes along with number 3 but it was so important that I figured it was worth its own number. The Outer banks has a full range of nail salons, massage therapists, beauticians, and several places to get a great facial! Use them to your hearts content! I’ve seen even the toughest groom melt during a mani-pedi!   

Number 1) Relax, You’ve Planned Everything:
Finally the most important thing you can do during your week here at the beach is… Relax. All your hard work, all your planning, it’s all going to come together and you are going to have a fantastic time here at the beach. Keep your eyes on the prize and check with all your vendors before you come down and you should have no problem sitting back and watching the magic happen around you. We can’t wait to see you here!

Hope you all had fun reading our Top 5 Things To DO The Week Of Your Wedding. If you don’t have a photographer yet, keep us in mind. And remember, make sure it’s laid back, easy going, and that’s the Outer Banks Style!

Jason Denson
Greg Keeler



Saturday, March 07, 2015 12:00PM
By Jason Denson
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Hello again from Keeler and Denson Wedding Photography!
This week we’re looking at the top 5 things you should probably avoid during the week prior to your wedding. Let’s begin!

Number 5) Risky Activities:
Being at the beach, we have some amazingly fun things to do and to learn to do. We have everything from hang-gliding to surfing, from off-roading (in Carova) to deep sea fishing. As much fun as some things are, they are not always the safest things to be doing the week prior to your wedding. I guess the most important thing to remember is, know your limits. The Outer Banks Hospital is a fantastic medical center, but not even the best institutions in the world or the best wedding photographer in the world can hide the fact that a Groom broke himself trying to learn how to skimboard the day before his wedding.

Number 4) Excessive Drinking:
If we’re talking chronologically, Excessive Drinking should probably be the first thing on this list. That’s usually because the excessive drinking part comes before most of these other activities. However, if we’re talking about importance, then it’s perfect for number 4. And before you ask, yes there are more important things than excessive drinking to avoid on this list. Nonetheless, we’re putting it here because over the years we’ve seen the effects a long night of intoxication can have on a bridal party before the ceremony. In no way are we saying go completely sober. Have a drink! Everyone needs to relax in their own way and mimosas are a fantastic way of doing just that. All we’re saying is, makeup can only cover so much hangover, and no amount of Photoshop can get rid of that glazed “Oh m'Gawd it feels like horses are stampeding through my brain pan” look. Keep in mind, everything in moderation. Save the hangover for the day after the wedding. As your wedding photographer, my camera won’t care a bit at that point. So when you’re lying in bed watching the ceiling spin, just remember, we told you not to have that last drink… hehehe.

Number 3) THE LAW:
As our previous two items are “excessive drinking” and “risky activities”, no one should fall off their stools when we announce that number 3 on our list is (insert Judge Dred’s voice here) “THE LAW…” There is nothing worse the week of your wedding than to spend a night in the clink. Going out to the bars at night is great; however always have that DD on hand. Traffic stops are not unheard of on the Outer Banks nor are license checks. Remember, this is a destination/vacation spot so the cops are all too familiar with what a DUI looks like. Also remember that there are no bonfires (without a permit), fireworks, or skinny dipping (ever) on the beach. So if you’re tempted to do some risky activities like set off some bottle rocket, at your bonfire, just before you strip down, and try to learn to surf, in the buff, at 3am, because you’ve gotten your excessive drinking on, just remember that “THE LAW…” also patrols the beaches at night and they won’t hesitate to lock a bridesmaid up.  If you’re in the wedding, be careful! We’d hate to have you MIA when the couple says “I do”.

Number 2) Crash Diets:
On a more serious note, I believe everyone would agree that crash diets are a big “no no” at any point in someone’s life. However, we can’t stress enough how bad an idea it is, the week before your wedding. Consider the gravity of the situation (not a fat joke). During the summer, temperatures can reach upwards of 95° with humidity well into the 80% range. Couple that with malnutrition and possibly dehydration from a crash diet. Add in a dress that is usually as thick as a winter coat and you have a recipe for disaster. So please, everyone loves a blushing bride, but no one wants a swooning fainting one.

 Honorable Mentions: Talking with family and soon to be in-laws about Politics and Religion, not getting enough sleep, freaking out about things you can’t control, and watching the weather channel 24/7


Number 1) Sunburns:
Well this IS an Outer Banks Wedding Photography Blog… so obviously we are talking about things that are unique to a beach wedding. Therefore it should be no surprise that our number one thing to avoid the week before your wedding is a sunburn! It makes our number one spot not because of its severity to life and limb, but because of how easy it is to get here at the beach, how long it lasts, and the effects it has on your wedding photos. I won’t say much else other than, picture it: maid of honor, beautiful strapless flower dress, burned in pink bikini lines and an imprint where her sunglasses were when she fell asleep sunbathing…  With every step, both she and the entirety of the guests wince in pain… ouch  


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our “Top 5 Things To Avoid The Week Before Your Wedding” as much as we have enjoyed writing it! Good luck on your wedding day AND if you haven’t found a photographer yet, give us a call.


Jason Denson
Greg Keeler

Saturday, February 21, 2015 11:33AM
By Jason Denson
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So you’ve decided to get married in the Outer Banks of North Carolina! You’ve probably also narrowed down the time of the year as well. Great! And if you’re really on top of things, you may have even come up with the week you would like to say “I do”. Now all that’s left, is to figure out which day of that week you would like to turn into your much celebrated anniversary.

Many couples find an interesting thing occurs when they talk with their planners, officiants, and yes even their wedding photographers. See, here at the Outer Banks, no one is surprised when a couple decides to get married on a week day. To tell the truth, we often encourage it in couples who have not yet made their final plans. I grant you, 90% of the weddings throughout the rest of the country only happen on Saturdays. However, this is the beach, and we’re open 24/7.

Now if you’re just reading this post for fun, you are more than likely saying “Ok Jason, there has to be more to this random day of the week weddings than just the beach never closes… What’s up?” Well sure there is. See, when a family rents a house in Nags Head (for example), they are usually looking at Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday for their stay. This means, families will arrive at their home away from home on Saturday afternoon and leave the next Saturday morning. When you look at it like that, it makes much more since why couples would choose to have their wedding in the middle of the week.

But which day? Now that’s the big question and the title of this post. Which day of the week should I get married? The short answer is… Whichever day you like. No one will judge. However, not all days are equal. Let me explain by asking a couple of questions.

            First, is your family staying the week with you?

            Are they in the same house as you?

            Are you getting married at the house?

            Is the reception going to be there?

            Is this week going to also double as your honeymoon?

Here’s why I ask. If your family is staying with you, every so often we will have a family come down and stay for only a day or so. They will rent the house for the entire week and then once the ceremony is over, they will head back home and let the newly married couple have the empty house all to themselves for the rest of the week. If that’s the case, it’s nice to have the wedding closer to the beginning of the week.

Then again, what if you are getting married at, or having the reception in, the house? Well then, I grant you, it’s going to be cleaner at the beginning of the week. However, for all those do-it-yourselfers, it is nice to have a couple of days to rope your bridesmaids and groomsmen into helping finish and put up decorations for the big event. If that’s the case, later on in the week might suit you best.

If you are not having the wedding at the house, then you are probably getting married at a venue like Jennette's Pier or the Whalehead Club. If that's the case, then you have to go with whichever dates they have available.  
Lastly, is this going to be your honeymoon? Honeymoons entail long days sitting in the sun, playing in the pool or ocean, and having an all-around great time. Honeymoons at the beach are amazing. But, having said that, from a wedding photographers standpoint, if you start the lounging on the beach in the days prior to the wedding, you will need to watch out for... well... sigh... Yes, Greg and I have seen many a bridesmaid, groomsman, bride, and groom, show up to the ceremony looking like a succulent buttered lobster (and no we will not be sharing photos here). If you want to spend a lot of time on the beach, we would definitely suggest having the wedding as one of the first things on the “to do list”. It’s nice to get it out of the way and then spend the rest of the time living up your honeymoon at the beach.

So enjoy your week, enjoy your wedding day, and enjoy your planning. And as you're planning, keep some of these things in mind. Here on the beach we don’t really have a special day set aside for weddings. Whichever day anyone decides to say “I do” IS a special day to us. We’re just glad we could be there to share it with them.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015 10:07PM
By Jason Denson
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One photographer at you wedding or two? That’s the question of the day. One of the reasons we always suggest having two photographers at your wedding is so we can capture multiple angles and be in different locations at the same time. This is particularly true during your ceremony.

For example… Imagine the moment when you walk down the aisle. You and your girlfriends have spent all morning getting your hair done, your makeup put on, and your selves into fantastically beautiful dresses. Of course you want photos of your big entrance! So as you turn the corner every eye is on you. You’re radiant! You glance around at all your friends and family who have come to see you get married. But in the end, you only have eyes for the man at the end of the aisle. He’s stunning! Handsome! Crying! Wait what? Oh yes ladies, as a wedding photographer I’ve seen them all. It usually starts with a loving gaze. He’s thinking, “How lucky am I?” Then it moves to, “She said yes to me… someone loves me enough to want to spend the rest of their life with me and she’s walking down the aisle to me right now!” Then the lip quivers just a little… and the smallest tear slides down the cheek.

Greg and I have photographed weddings for 14 years and just about half of our grooms get a tear or two by the end of the ceremony. Many of them start during your walk down the aisle. With two photographers at your wedding, Greg and I can capture all the action, from your turn of the corner and the walk towards your wedding, to the guest’s expressions, to that single tear as it slips from his eye. How do we do it? It’s simple. When we are photographing a wedding on the beach, Greg will normally stand a little ways back behind your groom and officiant. That way he can capture your walk down the aisle almost as if you are walking right towards him. Where I will stand off to the side until you pass me, and then I will follow you a little ways back. I can chronical the expressions on the guest’s faces in a wide shot and then switch cameras and peek over your shoulder to catch that fantastic look in your soon-to-be husband’s eyes. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014 4:34PM
By Jason Denson
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Today Randa and Ken celebrate one year as husband and wife! We remember their wedding day as if it was yeasterday! It was a bright, beautiful day on the Nags Head Beach and well... What can we say... Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2014 3:09AM
By Jason Denson
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Happy anniversary to Freda and Micheal! Even when you can't get out on the beach because of one reason or another, you can still have a fantastic time getting married on the Outer Banks! 


Saturday, May 10, 2014 5:25AM
By Jason Denson
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Even though I was only with Janice and Joel for four hours up on an Outer Banks Beach in Corolla, their wedding was one of my favorite of the year! Today marks the one year anniversary of when they said those immortal words, "I do". Congratulations Janice! Congratulations Joel! May you have many happy years togeather!

Corolla WeddingHair styles of the OBX #OBXstyleHair styles of the OBXBrides and their maidsGuestbooks and decoreFirst look and a stolen kissfirst look #OBXstyleWalk down the isleWalk down the isle #OBXstlyeDr. Dave the officiantThe "I do" kiss #OBXstyleParty in the outer banksParty in the outer banks

Friday, May 09, 2014 5:40PM
By Jason Denson
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Happy Anniversary to Cathy and Russ! One year ago today, we had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple as they took their first steps towards a new life togeather. They got married on the beaches of Pine Island up in Corolla in the fantastic Outer Banks of North Carolina! 

Sunday, May 04, 2014 5:38PM
By Jason Denson
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A year ago today, we had a fantastic time with Ashleigh and Dave! There was a touch of rain that day so our entire wedding was brought inside the reception site at the Outer Banks Aquarium in Manteo. None the less, it was beutiful and the next day, we went back out to get a couple more shots on the beach. We do that when we get rain on our wedding days. =-]

Happy anniversary! 

Outer Banks Aquarium and #OBXstyle